Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I use my Health Insurance Card or HMO to avail my medical benefits?

A: Our clinics are accredited with almost all local HMO’s (please check our accreditation page). Usually, Consultations are covered and does not require approval (in most cases) and all doctors including specialty are accredited also. Upon visit, just present your active HMO card to our Receptionist together with a valid ID for validation. Schedule of doctors may differ or depends on its availability except for In-House Primary Care Physician which are available everyday. After consultation, if the doctor will request a test or procedures, you need go back to the Receptionist and present again your HMO card, valid ID and the Request Form from your doctor. There are instances that the HMO Call Center will ask you about your medical history also. Approval of test and procedures may depend on the extent of your HMO coverage.